Primordial Particle Systems

Self-structuring patterns can be observed all over the universe, from galaxies to molecules to living matter, yet their emergence is waiting for full understanding. We discovered a simple motion law for moving and interacting self-propelled particles leading to a self-structuring, self-reproducing and self-sustaining life-like system. The patterns emerging within this system resemble patterns found in living organisms. The emergent cells we found show a distinct life cycle and even create their own ecosystem from scratch. These structures grow and reproduce on their own, show self-driven behavior and interact with each other.

Explanatory implementation of a PPS as pseudo-code. From: Schmickl, T., Stefanec, M. & Crailsheim, K. How a life-like system emerges from a simplistic particle motion law. Sci Rep 6, 37969 (2016).

Project Leader: Thomas Schmickl

Team: Thomas Schmickl, Martin Stefanec, Nikolaus Sabathiel